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There are bridges you cross
You didn’t know you crossed
Until you’ve crossed

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Idina Menzel in If / Then.


Idina Menzel in If / Then.

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"We hope that you never let fear and shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are."

-the people who wrote Let It Go being incredible  (via janezzoli)

congrats to Robert Lopez, the newly minted EGOT winner, and to Kristen Anderson-Lopez, his co-winner for the Oscar!

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  • Things John Travolta can say: Systematic Hydromatic, Ultramatic
  • Things John Travolta can't say: Idina Menzel
"And here performing Let it Go Ialhsedlfhsld Malhsdlfjlsd"

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She finally got her pizza. 

she looks so satisfied 

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"you didn’t even try."

— every idina menzel fan to john travolta (via isthisagoodurlforme)

Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Travolta pronounced Idina’s name wrong?!

"when’s idina singing?"

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BEST Oscar Moment EVER! too much talent in just one picture

BEST Oscar Moment EVER! too much talent in just one picture

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